Temptations Tab - My Girl

Intro :
    4X         2X            1X            2X           1X
A -------I-----------3-I-------3-5-7-I-----------3-I-------3-5-7-I
E -3-----I-------3-5---I-1-3s5-------I-------3-5---I-1-3s5-------I
C ---0-0-I-0-2s4-------I-------------I-0-2s4-------I-------------I
G -------I-------------I-------------I-------------I-------------I

Couplet 1 :
     C         F              C      F
I've got sunshine on a cloudy day
      C             F                   C           F
When it's cold outside, I've got the month of May

Refrain :
    C Dm    F   G7
Oh! I guess you say,
C        Dm       F         G7
What can make me, feel this way?
C            F               C               G7
It’s my girl... talkin' 'bout my girl ... my girl !
 C          F       C
Ooh..      Ooh... 

Couplet 2 :
     C              F            C            F
I've got so much lovin’ all the bees envy me
     C              F                  C                               F
I've got a sweeter song that I could sing than the birds and the trees


Couplet 3 :
         C            F             C          F
I don't need no money all I need is my fame
      C                        F           C           F
I've got all the riches, baby, one big man can claim


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